Budget for sworn translations

Around the world, as a customer that is, when hiring any service it is normal to have two big questions that you want to be resolved as soon as possible: the first is the time that we need to carry out the full assignment and the second is the price of the sworn translation.

In Translation Company, when the customer approaches personally to any of our offices located in Spain, it is easy to give you a quote and delivery at the time. However, when formulated us this question by phone it is impossible to tell exact a budget and a deadline. Why don’t we say a quote by phone? The answer is very simple: you can not speak of what is not known, it is not possible to give a price and a time to something that we’re not seeing physically, is for this reason that we need is to send us the text scanned by email, together with a number of contact, in this way, we can give you the budget and exact delivery that the customer may accept or reject without any kind of commitment.
Aspects in establishing a budget of sworn translation

It is true that I, like my colleagues, I have translated constantly certificates of birth, of a criminal record, so it is supposed that we should be aware at the time the budget of the translation. However, for very similar to be a certificate to another, it may be that the price varies considerably, why? To respond to all this is necessary to remind our clients what is a sworn translation.

Unlike the translations, the sworn is characterized for being a faithful and complete translation. This will entail that it translates absolutely everything that appears in the document. Seals, inscriptions of the officials of the registry will be translated, mention of signatures will be, shields… appearing on the original documentation. This will cause that if a title, for example, shows the seal of the Ministry of education and science legalizing allowing firms, this seal will result for what the budget will rise. Or in the case of certificates of marriage, we will also translate the inscriptions of the official which declares the dissolution of the union and, consequently, should be budgeted.

When it comes to budgets, other aspects that, at first sight, may seem simple, but that are important, such as language or type of text will also be considered. Thus, a sworn translation from English or French to Spanish will be cheaper than a Russian translation to Spanish. In regards to the type of the text, it shall be considered if this is legal, technical, advertising, nature, since the budget will vary depending on the type.

In sworn translations, especially in documents such as certificates or statements of income, be taken into account also the format. Translation Company always do translations that are more faithful to the original text as possible in which to format refers, as well, it will be easier to locate data in both texts. It is true, that the budget of the translation of a birth certificate will not be as high as a social Charter, since in the first few data that must be translated, however, format, the columns, the layout of seals, etc. in any certificate is usually rather more laborious.

It should also be considered, if the volume of work to translate presented to us is large, will apply one discount, another aspect affecting the budget.

In conclusion, any client wishing a budget and a deadline for a certified translation must submit documentation that you want to translate. In this way, there will be no misunderstandings and customer will be fully satisfied with the translation service that we offer from Translation Company .