garage doors maintenance service

Repair & Maintenance Garage Doors

Repair and maintenance of Automatic garage doors

Maintenance and repair of all types of engines and manufacturers of Automatic garage doors and car parks, automations for domestic automatic blinds.

We repair and install any automatic gate for both residential and industrial use, maintenance companies, high speed doors, control points, barriers of roads, loading docks, we offer maintenance contract to communities of neighbors in their garage doors.

Service of repair and maintenance of automatic doors (garage or parking). We solve all kinds of faults

We have a service of maintenance of automatic doors (garage, car parks, entry, access control) specialized in communities. We have a sufficient and necessary infrastructure for the proper performance of all our fully guaranteed jobs and a fast and efficient service.

Book of maintenance of doors of garage or Parking

We is specialized in garage door service Mill Creek. To conform to the new legislation (in compliance with the technical construction code and the standard UNE-EN 12635:2002 + A1:2009) each door garage or parking should have of a book-keeping should be available to the maintenance company.

The book is non-transferable and custom, in it you will be reflected the day of carrying out maintenance, technician who performs it, and carried out checks.

Our parking or garage doors maintenance service includes the full list of reviews to be performed according to the standard.

  • Electrical installations
  • Motorization
  • Mechanical elements
  • Security systems.

Our reviews are carried out every 4 months, enough to have a good control of the door and avoid a serious accident.


The business of luxury gives very subtle signs of a reactivation

Bloomberg-as well as a Jaeger-LeCoultre Watch provides an indication (relatively) subtle wealth who wears it, the luxury market starts very discrete Perth signs of recovery.

It is not time to get excited too. Exports of Swiss watches declined in September for the 15th straight month, falling longer since they began keeping monthly records in 1988. But a decline is less pronounced than in each of the previous six months.

In Hong Kong the weakness persists, and exports to the region fell almost 40 percent in September. But the United States improved, and exports to the country grew for the first time since April.

The United Kingdom of the Brexit, on the other hand, is still descollando in September, with a 32% growth in imports of watches, in moments in which foreign buyers take advantage of the weakness of the pound and travel to London.

According to a report by consultants Bain and the Italian Association of Alta gamma luxury, tax-free spending has increased this year in the United Kingdom, while it has declined in Germany, France and Italy.

There are other positive signs. LVMH announced last week quarterly sales above estimates. Luxury brands believe that China is stable, while Prada has been observed even improvements in Hong Kong and Macao.

The sector also approximates the period in which will facilitate comparisons with last year.

The second half of 2016 will be compared with same period of 2015, when the Chinese buyers were reluctant to travel to Europe after the terrorist attacks in Paris. The flattering comparisons can be misleading, but are much easier to sell to the market.

For its part, a Clinton victory in the US election would also provide stability in a crucial market.

LVMH shares have already risen 27% from the low back to the vote on the Brexit. Broad group portfolio includes products for leather and fashion, but also wines, spirits and beauty products, which it is estimated will be the sector of the market that will grow again this year.

So that it would continue to benefit. Kering also might be in a good position given the incipient recovery of Gucci.

As for watches, the category of between 500 and 3,000 Swiss francs was the best-performing and augurs well for Longines, Swatch and Omega brands.

Category of between 200 and 500 Swiss francs, on the other hand, was the worst performance, which is not encouraging for the cheaper brands of Swatch.

The picture is also ambivalent to Richemont. While the decline in exports in the category of more than 3,000 Swiss francs – in which Richemont dominates – coincided broadly with the market as a whole, the watches of precious metals were counted among the worst performance.

The shares of Richemont and Swatch have declined this year, although they have recovered ground in the last month. Swatch will benefit if the recovery remains in the mid-priced segment. But Richemont has been more forceful in reducing costs, which would help it to better navigate waters that are still troubled.

In reality, there will be an immediate recovery. According to Bain and Alta gamma, the luxury market will decline 1% in 2016 that will make the year the worst since the financial crisis. Swatch and Richemont have returned to very abundant price/earnings ratios. But everything depends on even how much brightness take them to earnings by next year.

translation company

The Legalization of Documents

We received many calls from customers every day in which request us the legalization of documents or in which we are asked about this procedure as “a fashion”. Firstly, the difficulty of responding to your questions is that the persons concerned are unaware if what should legalize is the source document or sworn translation of the same. As well, this certainly varies according to the body that will present the translation.

When and how it legalizes a document original?

The first requirement to be considered a document to be legalized is to be a public document, i.e., the body issuing it is a public authority, either, being a document of a private nature which has been elevated by a notary public. Secondly, there are certain exempt from legalization and others who must obligatorily be legalized documents, in this case, when the document comes from or is destined for one of the countries that are not signatories to the Hague Convention, the original document must always be legalized prior to its translation. The legalization process is quite complex and is often a puzzle for our customers, especially if we consider that there is a single body dealing with legalize all and each of the documents that may be subject to this procedure, but according to the issuing authority, must follow one way or another. For example, notarial documents must be legalized by notary, i.e., first, by the school Attorney, second, by the Ministry of Justice in the legalization section, third, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and finally by the Embassy or Consulate of the country of destination.

Must it legalize a translation?

Translations performed by a sworn translator appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs whose destination is Spain not require no LEGALIZATION later, since the signature of the translator is already legal in itself and this is now enabled to attest to what has been written. However, in many cases public bodies Spanish, either due to ignorance of the profession of the sworn translator or the qualities that gives you appear on the list of translators and interpreters of the Ministry, ask customer that it legalized the signature of the translator before a notary. This procedure is completely unnecessary according to directions offered by the own MAEC which is the body that rely on translators.

Otherwise, i.e. If the translation made by a translator and sworn interpreter have as destination abroad might that the organism in which the documentation must be presented requires us legalization. In the latter case, it is important to contact the Consulate or Embassy of the country of destination so that US Middle East. In some cases, for example, Algeria, you prefer the legalization by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Spain, in other cases, as in France, are own embassies or consulates that perform the legalization of the signature of the translator.

It is possible that procedures so that a foreign or Spanish document have the same effects in another country can be an arduous task for the customer, however, at Translation Company we strive to offer customer information so that paperwork is not lost in the meantime.

Doggy dans review

Freestyle Canine

Can your dog dance like John Travolta? Are you able to follow the path in samba or dazzle the audience with their flamenco dance? Then maybe he’s the next freestyle canine champion. The canine freestyle is a wonderful sport to take to the extreme your skills as a coach, at the same time that your dog and you have fun.

Formally, the canine freestyle is a musical choreography represented by dogs and their owners or coaches. Informally, it’s fun while you’re dancing with your dog. The objective of each presentation is to demonstrate the skills of your dog in a creative and artistic way, accompanying with music his movements.

Unlike what happens in other sports such as agility or competitive obedience, older dogs can be very competitive in freestyle as the physical requirement depends almost exclusively on the potential of each dog. In fact, many freestyle champions are dogs that are over seven years old.

If you’d like to practice freestyle canine But you don’t think you’re a good enough dancer, think again. You don’t need to take dance classes to start practicing this sport because the spotlight will be your dog, and it will be your performance that qualifies in competitions. Read on:

The common movements in the canine freestyle

Some organizations, such as the Canine Freestyle Federation, Inc., require some compulsory movements. Others, such as the World Canine Freestyle Organization, allow any movement as long as it does not jeopardize the dog or the person who presents it.

Regardless of the differences between organizations and canine clubs, there are some common movements in this sport, so it is good that you know if you plan to dabble in it. The most common movements in canine freestyle are:

Heeling: This is your dog walking past you. You can go to your left (as it happens in canine obedience), to your right, face to face, behind you, etc. Any position around you is considered heeling, as long as your dog moves along with you.

Front work: Understands all the exercises that your dog runs looking at you head-on. For example, lie down, sit down, walk on two legs, etc. The difference with the heeling face to face is that in the frontal work your dog is not attached to you, nor does it follow your movements.

Read: Doggy Dans Online Dog Trainer Review

Step changes: They simply consist of your dog speeding or slowing. Step changes are very useful to enrich the choreography.

Walk backwards and sideways: These are typical freestyle moves that are not found in other canine sports. They are spectacular in a well designed choreography. Imagine your dog coming to the call from 10 meters … back!

Half turns and turns: the turns and half turns are also frequent in the freestyle canine. Although its impact will depend on how you use them in your choreography, generally the most striking are the backward turns, especially if your dog has to pass between your legs.

How to dabble in the canine freestyle

The best thing to do is to contact a freestyle canine club so that you can sign up with your four-legged friend. If there is no one of these clubs in your city, try to convince those who practice some other sport, such as agility or flyball, and start practicing independently.

If you don’t find a agility club or other similar sport, just get a few books and videos about freestyle and practice on your own. Or better, join a group of Perreros friends and form their own club, even if it is informal. It’s just about going dancing with your dog.

Training styles for Freestyle canine

You can train freestyle with any dog training technique, but you will never get excellent results with techniques based on negative reinforcements or punishments. The ideal techniques for this sport, and for the dog’s education in a complete way, is the positive reinforcement, like the training with clicker.

If you want to read more articles similar to freestyle canine, we recommend that you enter our section of curiosities of the animal world.


Before you start this activity, consult your veterinarian about the health status of the dog.
Do not practice freestyle canine with your dog if you suffer any disease.
Check the movements of your joints and legs regularly.
Don’t overdo it on the dance time. The idea is to have fun, not to force the dog to have a hard time.


How to tackle my first Professional Translation?

From Translation Company we don’t want to give you a foolproof method so that your translations are perfect, nor is it our intention to give you a kind of translation, what we want is, from the perspective of a translation agency, give you some tips that anyone once we start in the world of translation would have liked to receive, always from the perspective of a translation agency.

Many believe the hardest thing is to get the first assignment of translation and are completely wrong. Whether an agency or a client itself, the way to deal with the first translation of our race will that continue in this sector or that we dispel the idea of dedicating ourselves fully to the translation.

1st well organized your time

The planning of the time that you dedicate to the translation is essential if you want to be effective and to ensure the quality of the translation. The first thing is to be realistic. We have heard thousand times that a translator is able to translate some 3000 words a day at eight hours a day; However, the first time a translation that they entrust to us our capacity is much smaller, so if the term we have is limited should be provided that the hours of dedication to the project will be far greater than the that would devote a translator tanning. Those working in this sector know that the deadlines are immovable and that only in case of emergency, we can afford to expand it a bit. If finally you are forced to change your term, you’ve lost many points. Our advice: plan the time according to the phases that we must overcome in any process of translation: documentation, translation and revision.

2nd check before starting to translate

One of the biggest mistakes that commits a novel translator when it tackles its first translation is to resort to the documentation as the problems of translation are presented to us. Either because it is impossible to park the translations to overcome this phase of the translation process or because the eagerness to meet the deadline invades us, the truth is that many forget that not documented before translating will seriously affect the quality of our translation and will extend the time of dedication to it. Precisely the opposite effect to what we wanted in the beginning.

3rd question whenever you have doubts (reasonable)

At Translation Company we value much to our translators worry about his work and this is reflected in the questions asked. At this point the questions that you could solve with a simple search have no place yourself or those which by logic could deduce your answer, but it is necessary that you well reports preferences when presenting your translation (for example, if you prefer one format or another) and that if the content generates doubts you comment them. For example, if we are faced with a birth certificate.


Budget for sworn translations

Around the world, as a customer that is, when hiring any service it is normal to have two big questions that you want to be resolved as soon as possible: the first is the time that we need to carry out the full assignment and the second is the price of the sworn translation.

In Translation Company, when the customer approaches personally to any of our offices located in Spain, it is easy to give you a quote and delivery at the time. However, when formulated us this question by phone it is impossible to tell exact a budget and a deadline. Why don’t we say a quote by phone? The answer is very simple: you can not speak of what is not known, it is not possible to give a price and a time to something that we’re not seeing physically, is for this reason that we need is to send us the text scanned by email, together with a number of contact, in this way, we can give you the budget and exact delivery that the customer may accept or reject without any kind of commitment.
Aspects in establishing a budget of sworn translation

It is true that I, like my colleagues, I have translated constantly certificates of birth, of a criminal record, so it is supposed that we should be aware at the time the budget of the translation. However, for very similar to be a certificate to another, it may be that the price varies considerably, why? To respond to all this is necessary to remind our clients what is a sworn translation.

Unlike the translations, the sworn is characterized for being a faithful and complete translation. This will entail that it translates absolutely everything that appears in the document. Seals, inscriptions of the officials of the registry will be translated, mention of signatures will be, shields… appearing on the original documentation. This will cause that if a title, for example, shows the seal of the Ministry of education and science legalizing allowing firms, this seal will result for what the budget will rise. Or in the case of certificates of marriage, we will also translate the inscriptions of the official which declares the dissolution of the union and, consequently, should be budgeted.

When it comes to budgets, other aspects that, at first sight, may seem simple, but that are important, such as language or type of text will also be considered. Thus, a sworn translation from English or French to Spanish will be cheaper than a Russian translation to Spanish. In regards to the type of the text, it shall be considered if this is legal, technical, advertising, nature, since the budget will vary depending on the type.

In sworn translations, especially in documents such as certificates or statements of income, be taken into account also the format. Translation Company always do translations that are more faithful to the original text as possible in which to format refers, as well, it will be easier to locate data in both texts. It is true, that the budget of the translation of a birth certificate will not be as high as a social Charter, since in the first few data that must be translated, however, format, the columns, the layout of seals, etc. in any certificate is usually rather more laborious.

It should also be considered, if the volume of work to translate presented to us is large, will apply one discount, another aspect affecting the budget.

In conclusion, any client wishing a budget and a deadline for a certified translation must submit documentation that you want to translate. In this way, there will be no misunderstandings and customer will be fully satisfied with the translation service that we offer from Translation Company .

Translation services

What are the Consequences of an Error of Translation or Interpretation?

Do you know how it is important a good translation or interpretation? Have you ever thought what would happen if a document does not translate well? Because you may want to read this.

On February 12, many are overwhelmed to read in several media news that Russia was possible a World War III. Fortunately, everything was in a fright and just was an error of interpretation of the Russian language English. What happened?

The Russian Prime Minister, gave an interview to a German medium where, inter alia, referred to the Syrian problem. After his speech, many media echoed his alleged words and, in various national and international newspapers, you could read that the Prime Minister was likely another war around the world.

In fact, Dmitri Medvédev proposed was sitting down to negotiate instead of starting another war. However, the subject is not entirely clear, and some insist that the interpretation was correct. Although the Russian Government has wanted to settle the issue raising its official text in your web page, some newspapers still have not altered the information.

New technologies and the internet do that people access information more quickly and that in a few hours every citizen can find out what’s happening on the other side of the world. This is a double-edged weapon since, on the one hand, the misleading information can be denied instantly but, on the other hand, in many cases damage can be irreversible. For this reason, in the political context in which we live, the role of the translator and interpreter is key and gives it great responsibility.

All interpreter or translator should avoid committing false senses. In fact, it is one of the first rules of gold that can be learned in the University. The teachers insist that the translations and interpretations should reflect, above all, the original sense of issuer, without distorting it in any case.

The translator is usually an invisible figure that goes unnoticed, until you make a mistake, or you will miss him. In fact, not long ago we learned that the restoration of the second gate of the mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba was blocked because the reports needed for the home were not translated into French or into English.

In Official translators we care about the quality of all our translations. Therefore, we review each and every document in order to avoid any type of error. We deal with care the most simple or short, both of those more complicated or long, because they all have the same importance in our eyes. Sometimes we are forced to call to the customer to extend the deadline and be able to guarantee you the best end result. We understand that each project plays a very important role and that, who knows, change the world.

You must find out the dress code

“Duck Dynasty,” of course, became a national political topic last winter when GQ published an interview with Robertson in which he called homosexuality a sin. Cable channel A under pressure from gay rights groups and others, suspended Robertson for the comments, but later reinstated him. “Duck Dynasty” supporters launched a petition calling the suspension is a violation of Robertson’s freedom of expression..

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wholesale jerseys You simply lay out a wing on a hillside or mountain, inflate it over your head like a kite. Before you take up the tour it is vital that you should know about a few essential things that are related to this type of zip line tour. You must find out the dress code, physical limitations, legal restriction and other restrictions associated with this type of tour. wholesale jerseys

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Worcester County District Attorney Joe Early Jr

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However, the pier historic importance runs far deeper

Two reviewers (YKL and SS) independently scanned all titles and abstracts that indicated the study was a randomised controlled trial evaluating the use of tiotropium mist inhaler among patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. After obtaining full reports of potentially relevant trials, the same reviewers independently assessed eligibility from full text articles. Studies were selected for inclusion if they were parallel group randomised controlled trials of tiotropium mist inhaler compared with placebo for the treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, if treatment duration was for at least 30 days, and if they provided numerical data on mortality.Study characteristics and quality and risk of bias assessmentWe used a prespecified protocol to record the location and duration of the randomised controlled trials (in years), the dose and frequency of tiotropium mist inhaler and placebo, mean age and sex of participants, mean forced expiratory volume in one second (FEV1), and smoking status.The Cochrane toolkit was used for the assessment of bias in evaluating each trial for the reporting of randomisation, allocation concealment, the use of blinding of participants and staff, and information on loss to follow up or withdrawal rates.21 In accordance with the Cochrane handbook of systematic reviews, we assessed the quality of data on adverse effects by recording how they were monitored and recorded by the investigators.21Outcome measuresThe primary outcome measure was prespecified as mortality from any cause.

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