Meaningful Name: Kuuga’s name comes from the Japanese reading

Unrequited Love Switcheroo: Played with, as Otani starts realizing he has feelings for Koizumi just when she’s deciding to give up on him for the last time. Meaningful Name: Kuuga’s name comes from the Japanese reading for “Clear self”, but it also contains Ku( the Japanese symbol for “Sky” or “Void” and the fifth element in Japanese Elements, or Godai.

It’s from there that they start to push back. “Do” is the onomatopoeia for guns firing in Japanese. “Desert Son”, by Pierce Brown: Taking place from the perspective of Biggs as he reunites with Luke again on Yavin 4 and flies alongside him in battle.

Usually takes rhythms from other genres, especially drum and bass. By the year 2183, as a result of the MegaCons heavy focus on profit, and the large amount of collateral damage that they cause, wars as fought during the 20th and 21st centuries have effectively seized to exist.

After being surprised one time too many by what you thought was just a corpse rising up and attacking you, you may just find yourself in the habit of destroying every corpse you come across. Several of the confrontations of this are of this nature; a partial subversion occurs between Batman and Captain America, however, who briefly test each other’s skills before deciding that continuing the fight which Batman states the Cap would, eventually, win would be a waste of effort that would be better served finding out why they were put in that position in the first place.

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