Driving in Poland

Driving in Poland

Driving an auto in Poland can be dubious on the off chance that you don’t know Polish law and Polish traditions. To make life simpler for you we have accumulated all the data required in one article.

Having an auto

There are two choices: it is possible that you have brought your auto from abroad or you have gotten one in Poland. The two alternatives have a few preferences and drawbacks.

In the main case you would be guaranteed in your nation and you wouldn’t need to stress over doing it in Poland. In the second case you should be guaranteed in Poland and that implies a couple of thing.

Auto protection in Poland is compulsory and there are two sorts accessible, the first is called OC. What’s essential is that OC guarantees the auto not the driver. That implies that anybody can drive the safeguarded auto and it is secured. Another essential thing is that OC covers just circumstances when you had a mishap and it wasn’t you blame. On the off chance that it’s you who caused the mischance then you won’t be recompensated. On the off chance that you need to be guaranteed for this circumstance, you require the second sort of protection, AC.

The other thing that is associated with the protection is the specialized check (MOT). How frequently you need to do it relies upon your auto. Be that as it may, here is the dubious part. To the extent you are protected in Poland there is no issue with the specialized check. You simply need to locate the most reasonable carport (brought in Polish – Stacja Kontroli Pojazdów) and leave your auto for the check. In spite of the fact that in the event that you are not safeguarded in Poland you won’t have the capacity to get the papers marked by the workman. Just autos protected in Poland can get substantial specialized check in Poland. So if your specialized look freely soon be of date and your auto is guaranteed abroad it implies a decent reason for a trek home.

Driving permit

In case you’re not a resident of an EU part state you should convey a worldwide driving permit with a specific end goal to drive an auto. In case you’re a native of EU part express all you require is to ensure you brought it with you when you exited home as it is substantial in Poland.

On the off chance that you need to take your tarnobrzeg prawo jazdy test in Poland we have an awesome news for you – regardless of the possibility that you don’t communicate in Polish you can at present take the exam. What you need to do is to bring it with the interpreter who helps you amid the whole exam!

The nuts and bolts for driving

Poland has fundamentally the same as laws to other European nations. Here is the rundown of the most fundamental standards. Most likely you know about them, however it’s smarter to peruse it and understand that you know it, than not trouble and get in a bad position!

  • You need to dependably have driving permit and protection papers with you when you are driving.
  • You generally need in your auto the essential components of gear if there should arise an occurrence of crisis (fire douser, emergency treatment pack, a peril cautioning triangle and a security vest).
  • One of the most imperative things you need to do subsequent to getting into the auto is attaching your safety belt. What’s more, it doesn’t make a difference whether you’re a driver or a traveler – it’s an aggregate must. Obviously, you can play a saint and choose not to comply with this run but rather remember that having this superpower may cost you a 100 PLN fine.
  • If you go with kids you should know how old are they (which shouldn’t be so troublesome – in the event that they are your own kids) and not sit them in the front traveler situate in the event that they’re younger than 12.
  • Children under 150 cm must sit in the auto in a tyke situate.
  • The following standard likely won’t be any sort of extraordinary news for you – you can’t drive alcoholic. The allowed liquor level in Poland is 0.2 and on the off chance that you surpass this esteem you just infringe upon the law which is emphatically implemented by Polish police.
  • Also, recollect that in Poland you need to have the plunged headlights on – notwithstanding amid the day and entire year long.
  • In Poland, in the spots where there are routinely deadly mischances, there are signs called dark focuses (czarny punkt). It is data for you to be cautious and drive slower and with your complete consideration.
  • If the auto coming inverse way flashes its lights at you twice it can mean two things: either there are police some place close, most likely searching for individuals speeding, or you don’t have your lights on. It’s only a little Polish driving custom that it’s great to know.

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