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What are the Consequences of an Error of Translation or Interpretation?

Do you know how it is important a good translation or interpretation? Have you ever thought what would happen if a document does not translate well? Because you may want to read this.

On February 12, many are overwhelmed to read in several media news that Russia was possible a World War III. Fortunately, everything was in a fright and just was an error of interpretation of the Russian language English. What happened?

The Russian Prime Minister, gave an interview to a German medium where, inter alia, referred to the Syrian problem. After his speech, many media echoed his alleged words and, in various national and international newspapers, you could read that the Prime Minister was likely another war around the world.

In fact, Dmitri Medvédev proposed was sitting down to negotiate instead of starting another war. However, the subject is not entirely clear, and some insist that the interpretation was correct. Although the Russian Government has wanted to settle the issue raising its official text in your web page, some newspapers still have not altered the information.

New technologies and the internet do that people access information more quickly and that in a few hours every citizen can find out what’s happening on the other side of the world. This is a double-edged weapon since, on the one hand, the misleading information can be denied instantly but, on the other hand, in many cases damage can be irreversible. For this reason, in the political context in which we live, the role of the translator and interpreter is key and gives it great responsibility.

All interpreter or translator should avoid committing false senses. In fact, it is one of the first rules of gold that can be learned in the University. The teachers insist that the translations and interpretations should reflect, above all, the original sense of issuer, without distorting it in any case.

The translator is usually an invisible figure that goes unnoticed, until you make a mistake, or you will miss him. In fact, not long ago we learned that the restoration of the second gate of the mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba was blocked because the reports needed for the home were not translated into French or into English.

In Official translators we care about the quality of all our translations. Therefore, we review each and every document in order to avoid any type of error. We deal with care the most simple or short, both of those more complicated or long, because they all have the same importance in our eyes. Sometimes we are forced to call to the customer to extend the deadline and be able to guarantee you the best end result. We understand that each project plays a very important role and that, who knows, change the world.

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