Beauti Of St. Tammany Parish Louisiana

St. Tammany Parish Louisiana Beauti

Rick Moore, Solid Waste/Litter Enforcement Officer, and Executive Director of Keep St. Tammany Beautiful, got the Everyday Hero/Law Enforcement Award from Keep Louisiana Beautiful at their current State Conference. Rick was perceived for his foundation of an expansive litter court to battle litter and to make the way toward punishing litter guilty parties, simpler. This court has filled in as a model for different areas and urban areas all through Louisiana. Rick was instrumental in the making of Keep St Tammany Parish Beautiful which, in its first year, has grabbed almost 200,000 pounds of litter.

“Rick is and dependably has been a staunch proficient and has remained consistent with his main goal to keep our group clean through his own endeavors, through the implementation of nearby litter laws, and through advancement in each errand he embraces,” said Pat Brister, St. Tammany Parish President. “He has really earned this honor. We are fortunate to have Rick working with us — he has an obvious effect each day.”

The St. Tammany Parish Litter Court meets month to month, to enable Constables and Justices of the Peace to uphold nearby litter laws, and to convey litter guilty parties to equity. The Litter Abatement Crew is where those sentenced litter wrongdoings should tidy up roadside litter, with a specific end goal to now turn into a piece of the answer for the issue they made. Since litter fines are aggregate, a rehash guilty party database is kept up which right now has around 2,000 sections.

Rick has been utilized with St. Tammany Parish Government since 2007, and notwithstanding his parts through Inspections and Enforcement and Keep St. Tammany Beautiful, fills in as a Constable in Ward 3 here in St. Tammany Parish.

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